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Social Media Marketing Agency InYourCity

InYourCity is a well established Social Media Marketing Agency in digital communications with profound experience in meeting communication needs of both small and big enterprises.

A group of young advertisers & marketeers that busts out of traditional advertising agencies.

Social Media Marketing Agency InYourCity

Social Media Promotion

Social media monitoring is not a simple thing. At InYourCity we emphasize on the production of original content, targeting strategy and continuous monitoring. Having already worked with many companies for more than 8 years in the field of social media we have:

active collaborations

successful campaigns

social media ads

Facebook & Instagram posts

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing Companies

Social Media Strategy

  • Industry, competition, user behavior & target market analysis for effective redesign, reconstitution and upgrading: Information, Graphic Content (Change profile photo – cover)
  • Study for the best hours and days to post on the page
  • Experienced Social Media Manager Support

Facebook Monitoring

  • We manage your Facebook page efficiently and professionally saving you time you can dedicate to your business
  • Build a schedule for weekly posts
  • Graphics design used in posts
  • Create Motion Graphics for post
  • Target specific audiences based on certain features (language, age, location, interests)
  • Create contests to increase page likes
  • Additional posts for days of interest (eg World AIDS Day)
  • Monthly Organic Reaction Report of your page

Social Media Ads


  • Based on advertising’s objectives, we create the right audience based on specific geographic (city, region), demographic (men, women, age) and behavioral characteristics
  • Visual Production (graphic design, motion graphic, slider, etc.)
  • Caption editing
  • Daily Campaign Supervision
  • Feedback
  • Monthly Report Reporting Impact of your Page Ads

Instagram Monitoring


  • Weekly posts schedule
  • Target specific audiences based on language, age, location, and interests
  • Create Aesthetic feed
  • Monthly organic report for your company’s ad performance

Social Media Photography

E-Shop Development

Google Ads


Some of the brands around the world who trust our work.

Our Team

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