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Search Engine Optimization Services InYourCity

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

The answer to the question “What is SEO” can be quite complex, to very simple. We chose the second approach and below, we are simply analyzing what search engine optimization is and what it serves.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to rank it in higher search results positions through search engines (i.e. Google).

Search Engine Optimization Services

Based on a number of factors, search engines evaluate your website’s relevance and readability before assigning it a position or ranking on the search engine results page.

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On page Search Engine Optimization Services


The steps we take to effectively show your business on Google’s search & display network are:


  • All actions and interventions that take place on your site to better position you on Google’s search engine with unique keywords, metadata, and customized URLs.
  • On-page optimization has to do with critical steps for success, such as better target market perception, keyword search, and content strategy.
  • It includes the proper use of meta-tags, page names, content formatting, internal interface, and strategic keyword placement.
On Page SEO Optimization Services InYourCity

Search Engine Optimization Services – Include important key keywords:

  • It is important that the key words are in the article headline (specifically in the first 5 words) because it is the first thing the search engine reads and displays in the results the user sees.
  • The title of the page should be between 35-65 characters.
  • Keywords must be seen twice for every 300 words. Initially, it should be mentioned in the first paragraph, already in the first 10 words (Beware their excessive repeated use is a bad metric for search engines).


  • Internal interface should be simple, functional and easily accessible.
  • Parallel/internal interface is always easier in user navigation and more accessible from search engines.

SEO Copywriting


  • These articles will provide answers & tips, to the most popular queries posed by users in search engines.
  • The purpose they serve is twofold. Firstly, by providing useful content will attract a large number of users to the forum through organic searches, and secondly they will be able to be promoted and republished in either free or as paid articles (see the advertorial form below).
SEO Copywriting
SEO Content

SEO Content

  • By enriching the text with the most popular keywords related to industry searches we will be able to make the page more “relevant” to those keywords in search engines, thus gaining more organic appeal.
  • After a survey we collect the most popular keywords within a certain location, and then we create useful articles based on them.


Use bold keywords

  • When a search engine is “reading” the text you write on bold, it will put more emphasis on those keywords.

Correct Text Formatting:

  • Article’s readability, plays an important role as it facilitates the user to skim the text and find the exact piece that interests him.
  • The length of the text is 800-1,500 words so neither too small nor too tedious.
  • Bullet-points use is critical for easy reading
Off Page Search Engine Optimization Services InYourCity

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Services

In short, off-page optimization increasing webpage’s popularity. Webpage popularity is determined by the number and type of web pages that link to that page. The most basic off-page optimization strategy is:

  • Building quality backlinks on your page. Quality links are links from pages with:
  1. Equal or greater Google PageRank from your page
  2. Similar content to your page
  3. Related meta tags
  4. They already have many quality sites associated with them


An Advertorial is a well-written, interesting and attractive article that includes useful tips with end goal to advertise a product, service, or brand. It is effective as:

  • It increases traffic by enhancing site positioning in organic searches.
  • It is a powerful display alternative as it is part of informative or educational content that is useful to the public and much less annoying than TV or banner advertising.

In InYourCity, we undertake the communication with the information websites publishers and we ensure you with the best possible cooperation price along with measurable results.

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