Brand Redesign


Christakis Fresh is a convenience stores chain, consisting of 3 stores located in Thermi, Peraia and Evosmos.

The Christakis Fresh stores, manage, with their consistency and professionalism, to deliver high quality products as well as food services.

Christakis Fresh store’s goal is the extension of their operations to more proprietary stores as well as the resale of their brand to franchises.


This would be difficult to achieve and scale with the existing structure and image of their corporate identity. It was thus jointly decided to redesign it from scratch.

To this end, we analyzed the convenience market industry, the common target they share and the competition so that we can effectively meet the communication needs of the new brand.

The idea that won the first place, when searching for the new brand name, was “Milk and Cup”, which effectively reflects the brand’s operations. The first part, “Milk”, refers to the providing of daily necessity products such as milk, while the second part, “Cup” refers to the basic function of the shops, that is the service of offering beverages and coffees.

Based on this new brand name, we proceeded to design the new logo that effectively reflects all of the above with a clear, original and highly aesthetic design.

Finally, this new corporate identity was also designed in mockups that represent its depiction in real-life settings.


The first impressions of rebranding were positive, while introducing this fresh image of the brand to consumers. Future plans of the brand include the expansion of stores in Thessaloniki as well as in other major cities in Greece.


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February 13, 2019