Social Media Campaign – Terkenlis


The idea

Terkenli’s desserts come into existence through playful animations, giving life to the spirit of Christmas. The post was implemented during the Christmas / Festive period and was part of the wider campaign that included a total of 11 publications with Christmas and New Year’s content. This year, Terkenlis turns 70 years old (1948-2018). Along with the festive spirit of the post that we made, we also announced the 70th birthday of the store, with the motto “70 Years Terkenlis – It Smells Like Love”.

Strategy, Common Objective, Mechanism

The post was designed in such a way – with vibrant colors, movement and joyful mood – that it is attractive and interesting to the audience of the webpage, 68% of whom are mostly young women 25-34 (34%) and 35-44 (16%). The purpose of the overall campaign, including this post, was to boost Brand Awareness for the fans of the webpage as well as to reinforce the purchasing power in the midst of the festive period, which is one of the most important periods in terms of traffic and profit for the confectionery industry.


The post was designed on a green background that symbolizes a Christmas couvert and resembles a festive table. On the center, we placed the company logo along with the 70-year-old graphic design that we were forwarding. In addition, in the top right and bottom left corner there are 2 Christmas decorations – a red ribbon and a mistletoe – which highlight the festive spirit of the feasts. As video animation plays, 4 different elements emerge through the 70-year-old logo, which, following a “playful” journey through a star animation, take their place on the cover. These items are real Terkenlis’s desserts / cookies that we photographed individually in the studio and then, after digital editing, the background was removed and they were imported to After Effects as 3D objects. The movement of elements is being progressively made, with the appearance of a star that refers to the Christmas Star, which begins / emerges through the Terkenli’s logo, symbolizing in this way the fact that the desserts that appear are its creations. The desserts selected were a snowman biscuit, a snowflake biscuit, a christmas tree biscuit and a gingerbread man cookie. All four of these biscuits were actually being sold at the Terkenlis shops all over Greece during the holiday season.


The post received 4,800 impressions, had 3,700 organic reach, 522 unique views, and won 22 “Likes” 3 “Love” and 1 share. The majority (57%) of those that interacted with the post were women aged 25-34, mainly from Central Macedonia (33.9%) and Attica (30.3%).

The public’s response at an offline level was also very positive, as it managed to significantly increase the sales of the cookie and biscuits that appeared in the post during the holiday season.


Posted on

February 13, 2019