Integrated E-commerce Digital Strategy


Bet & Malfie is a startup company established in Thessaloniki, which creates high quality, unique and stylish scarves for every woman. Its creativity is guided by harmony, elegance and functionality, while having morality, quality, respect and attention to detail as its basic principles .


For Bet and Malfie we followed an integrated strategy using the full range of digital media. We communicated through Facebook and Instagram, optimized the user experience and interface of the website (UI / UX), performed search engine optimization (SEO) and advertised it using Google Ads campaigns.

More specifically, with regard to SEO, the website was restored for On Page SEO, as well as changes to its overall image were performed (adding new photos, changing the font, fixing “damaged” sub-pages, adding the Greek language, etc.).


The load page achieves now a 97% score on Google, resulting to the minimization of the bounce rate of users, who are now navigating with ease from mobile phones and computers.

Future Actions

Future goal is for Bet and Malfie to become a well-known luxury brand across Europe. Achieving such a goal will involve working with affiliates: collaborating with bloggers-vloggers which will incorporate the brand in their communication and channel it appropriately. This process, on the one hand, helps to optimize SEO, on the other hand it increases the brand’s surplus value and trustworthiness. The design plan of each new collection requires the creation of a concept imprinted on specific storytelling, through wording and visual material, in the light of a distinct tagline / motto for the digital branding of the brand.


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February 13, 2019