Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign


AUTOTECHNIK IKTEO, is a crew of graduate engineers from Thessaloniki and operates on the basis of responsibility, consistency and expertise.

The private KTEO AUTOTECHNIK has come to us already having a digital presence on social networks and also on Website.

The main problem was the obsolete and dysfunctional website, which inevitably passed the same image to the brand. In an industry with strong competition and a little diversification of services, AutoTechnik S.A. had to be able to offer special assessment to the clients through a concerted effort to develop a corporate identity.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient digital presence, AutoTechnik S.A. addressed us to reconstitute his image and promote it across the range of digital media.


As a first step, we re-created information on the AutoTechnik S.A. on Facebook page to match the standards of a business page. Additionally, the visualization of the page’s profile (Profile & Cover Photo) was redesigned based on the corporate identity aesthetics in order to create brand excellence.


At the same time, we create a strategic marketing analysis in which have been studied:

  • The target group
  • The behavior of users
  • The branch
  • The competition

From the above analysis, came up the most appropriate hours and days to post on the page and also the style of the posts.

Facebook Contests

In order to increase engagement and user interaction with the page and hence increase the number of “likes” we made contests that invited users to click “like” on the page and the post. With these actions, we managed to sharply increase the number of people who said they liked the page, thus launching the organic post reach as well.

These contests, beyond the organic post reach that they received, their promoted in and also sponsored by taking the greatest possible impact on the basis of the available budget.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Based on the business goals, we created ads based on the marketing analysis we targeted, to target the appropriate audiences of particular geographic (city, region), demographic (men, women, age) and behavioral characteristics (e.g. the Internet).

The campaigns included various kinds of promotions, such as post engagement, campaigns to promote message campaigns and promote traffic. The images and the copywriting of the advertising, was also designed to make the writing and communication style relevant to the target group. In the end, with our daily supervision, we were able to properly give feedback to our moves and make some changes in case it is needed.

Integrated Omni-Channel Campaigns

With the completion of 10 years of AutoTechick operation, the company wanted to reward both its existing and new customers with a unified promotional campaign. The concept that was communicated was “AutoTechik 10 Years – 10 Gifts”. In order to set up this campaign, graphic stuff was created which was communicated online, on social networks and on the website as well as offline with flyers and posters.

Photoshooting/Content Production

In the framework of the integrated communication strategy in the digital segment, we made the creation of content by performing onsite photography and video production. As the photographic stuff is the pinnacle of a good digital strategy, we undertook the realization of 2 successive onsite photos. The purpose of photography was to effectively capture all stages of a vehicle’s control process. At the same time, the main advantages of the company were photographed and communicated, such as the modern equipment, the specialized staff, the pleasant waiting area, etc.

Since every digital platform (Facebook, Instagram, Website) requires special features in terms of dimensions, style and content, each shot taken has a clear strategy regarding its use.


The success of an integrated digital strategy is a hyperlink. Although Autotechnik had a website, the interface and experience it gave to the user was obsolete and inoperative. At the same time, the page style had zero responsiveness and was not designed for mobile devices. This has been detrimental to the user’s experience of the brand while this has a bad effect to the image of the business.

With concerted efforts we gradually made with several visual interventions on the existing website, we tried to improve its image and functionality. Unfortunately, as has been shown, the existing structure of the site have been major obstacles to this effort. So we decide to the create a brand new website ( based on best practices regarding to user experience and convenience of user-site interface. hyperlink here.

Furthermore, it has been given a strong emphasis on the strategic design of the page to meet the basic principles of SEO with optimized images, properly page slugs, meta data, etc. We also placed call-to-action buttons on strategic points to increase the chances of the user completing the conversion we had targeted (make an appointment, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.).

Web Elements Design

For the website we also made a series of graphic mock ups and icons that were in harmony with the colors and corporate identity image. In this way we have been able to greatly enhance the user experience by creating hyperactivity through original design stuff.

Google Ads

For the AutoTechik effectively promotion on Google’s search & display network, we’ve taken four specific steps. First of all, we analyzed the volume of searches and the intensity of competition for specific keywords (keyword research) related to the KTEO branch. In the second year and based on the analysis results, we chose the most appropriate campaign type (PPC, CPA, CPM, etc.) that more effectively met the needs and goals of the business. Next, we designed a campaign that included campaign setup, splitting keywords into appropriate ad groups, and campaign targeting type (e.g., local targeting). Finally, we created ads and ad extensions based on the keyword grouping we targeted. Ads are based on Google’s best practices in terms of structure and content.


The response we had to all the above actions was positive across the range of digital media. The data we received showed excellent results both in qualitative and quantitative terms. With our actions, we have managed to give a modern texture and a renewed style to a classic brand, re-placing AutoTechink in the 1st place of the consumers minds.


Posted on

February 13, 2019