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Phlebology-Clinic is a special project in which we had the opportunity to create and communicate a new corporate identity in a 30 year business in the plastic surgery industry.

The basic requirement we met for the clinic was to standardize the services of the clinic and to create surplus value through a consistent corporate image.



As a first step, we created its logo through a clear design in which the services of the clinic are being communicated. The colors of blue and red that were used refer to veins and arteries. These two lines are joined creating a man, giving a more anthropocentric approach to the brand.

Photo Shoot

We produced photographic material and videos in our studio. This material was used both to enhance the corporate image in the web as well as in social networks and YouTube.

Social Campaigns

The basic intention of the clinic was to make appointments. For this reason, we have conducted Lead Generation campaigns targeting audience based on the relevancy of their characteristics like location, age, consumer behavior, etc. In order to implement the campaigns, we created visual / graphic content as well as copywriting for captions and texts within the. Particular attention was paid to the way in which campaigns were created and communicated. Unfortunately, Facebook forbids the promotion of surgical services or services related to Botox. With smart and alternative campaigns and graphics we managed to overcome this barrier and attract people who have completed the lead and used the service.

Google Ads

In addition to actions on social networks, we also promoted it through Google (Google Ads & Remarketing Display) Learn more here.

After searching for specific keywords, we ended up with the most relevant with the services of the clinic and by structuring them in corresponding campaigns we directed the audience to the corresponding landing pages within the site.

Finally, with the audience that visited the website via the above ads, we performed remarketing campaigns in both Display campaigns and remarketing lists for the search network (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads- RLSA).


The response of the public to the above actions was impressive as with the systematic promotion of the new corporate identity, the clinic was able to create a surplus value for the old customers, creating even higher fidelity, but also for the new ones who get to know it and used its services.

The advertising campaigns managed to create a constant stream of new clients in the clinic by increasing the revenue and reputation of it.


Posted on

February 18, 2019